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One of the first examples of medical transportation in the United States was in Cincinnati. There, the city established the first civilian ambulance in 1865. Today, modern health care requires medical transportation. In fact, there are several different types of medical transportation services. Here are some examples:


Some patients have difficulty with mobility. Fortunately, medical transportation provides wheelchair services. Mobility Assistance Vehicles, or MAVs, come equipped with a hydraulic wheelchair lift. Therefore, patients in wheelchairs can easily be dropped off or picked up at their location.

Recreational Transportation

What if a senior citizen or a person with mobility issues wants to enjoy the outdoors? Luckily, recreational transportation is available. For example, people that require assistance can go to and from the park on a nice fall day.


Ambulance transportation allows for quick transportation to healthcare. More specifically, it’s used when there is a medical emergency. Additionally, if the EMTs have a valid CPR certification, this ensures patients will get the necessary treatment if needed.

Hospice Transportation

Hospice care is for patients that have a terminal illness. With this in mind, it addresses a patient’s physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Therefore, people want to be as comfortable as possible while getting hospice treatment. For example, this may mean medical transportation to a patient’s home. In other cases, it’s a facility where they can be closely monitored.

Dialysis Transportation

Also, dialysis transportation is another one of the medical transportation services. Dialysis transportation makes it possible for patients to get treatment. Often, dialysis patients have several appointments throughout the week, for a few hours at a time. Fortunately, dialysis transportation allows patients to get there, without having to worry about driving themselves.

Pay at Time of Service

Unfortunately, health insurance doesn’t cover all medical transportation services. However, there is another option. This is pay at time of service. If you are in a wheelchair or require a stretcher, this can be arranged.

Psychiatric Transportation

An option for patients who need behavioral or psychiatric health care, or are developmentally challenged is psychiatric transportation. For example, it ensures that patients are given the proper care while going to or from medical treatment. This service includes:

  • Hospital to Psychiatric Facility Transfer
  • Psychiatric Services
  • Education

Long Distance Medical Transportation

Finally, there’s long distance medical transportation. Long distance medical transportation is when the distance is over 200 miles. With this in mind, it allows patients to travel safely. Specifically, it offers basic life support patients the insurance that if an emergency happens, they will get the care needed.

Abba Medical Transportation provides all of these medical transportation services. We’ve helped people all over Central New Jersey get the medical transportation services they need. Whether it is an emergency or non-emergency situation, Abba Medical Transportation can help. Call Abba Medical Transportation today at 732-583-1121, or schedule your transport here.