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Long car rides are problematic. For example, children hate being stuck in the backseat for a long time.  Adults get tired from driving for several hours. Unfortunately, senior citizens face unique issues on long car rides. In particular, they have difficulty getting to distant medical appointments. Fortunately, medical transportation helps. So, what is long distance medical transportation?


Long distance medical transportation is defined by miles. Specifically, what is long distance medical transportation is any trip over 200 miles. New Jersey patients may require this service if they’re going to:

  • Boston
  • Pittsburgh
  • Washington, D.C.


More importantly, certain services require long distance medical transportation. Basic life support patients need medical transportation. BLS are services provided by first respondents. It helps patients during cardiac arrest, respiratory distress or with an obstructed airway. In other words, BLS is being able to perform CPR and use defibrillators if necessary.


Additionally, vehicle type is important. Wheelchair vans are helpful for these types of trips. More specifically, these vans are referred to as MAVs, or mobility assistance vehicles. Often, MAVs are equipped with a hydraulic wheelchair lift. Fortunately, patients with mobility issues can get safely to and from their appointment.

Abba Medical Transportation

Abba Medical Transportation answers what is long distance medical transportation through its services. We’ve been providing it throughout Central Jersey for years. Here, we have MAVs that meet or exceed the New Jersey Department of Health licensing standards. Also, Abba Medical Transportation is known for its customer service. For instance, our drivers receive clinical certifications for CPR and MAV technicians. Patients can travel knowing they’ll get the medical attention if necessary. With this in mind, if you need long distance medical transportation, contact us today. Call 732-583-1121 any time of the day. You can schedule online too. Abba Medical Transportation puts its customers above everything else.