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If you suffer from end stage kidney failure, your kidneys can no longer do vital functions that your body needs. Therefore, dialysis becomes necessary. Dialysis can be done in a hospital or at a dialysis unit. However, patients who require dialysis may have trouble getting treatment because they’re not able to get to their appointment. Fortunately, there’s medical transportation for dialysis.


Dialysis performs essential functions for your body that your kidneys can no longer do:

  • Removes waste, salt and extra water
  • Regulates your body’s chemical balance to maintain a safe level
  • Controls blood pressure

Unfortunately, dialysis becomes necessary once your glomerular filtration rate (or GRF) is less than 15. In other words, your kidney is functioning at less than 15%. This can be caused by chronic kidney disease. In the United States alone, over 30 million adults suffer from CKD.

Dialysis Treatments

Typically, dialysis treatments take 4 hours. Often, it is done 3 times per week. Most patients report that dialysis is painless. Unfortunately, if you need dialysis, you may experience minor discomfort when the needles are initially inserted. Some patients become nauseous because of a drop in blood pressure.

Medical Transportation for Dialysis

Medical transportation for dialysis makes it possible for patients to get treatment they may not have been able to receive. Additionally, patients can work with a team of medical professions to create their plan of action. This team should include your doctor, nephrologist (if you have one), social worker, dietitian, or education coordinator. In order to find the best treatment plan for you, it’s important to be as informed as possible.

Abba MT

Fortunately, Abba Medical Transportation provides medical transportation for dialysis for its customers. Abba Medical Transportation’s state-of-the-art vehicle fleet features wheelchair vans and ambulances. Therefore, our vehicles can accommodate any of your medical transportation for dialysis needs. Also, Abba Medical Transportation is Medicare compliant. If you meet medical necessity requirements for an ambulance, Medicare covers your medical transportation for dialysis. Even if you don’t, Abba Medical Transportation works with our customers to provide affordable medical transportation for dialysis. Also, if you require a wheelchair or stretcher to attend your appointment, Abba Medical Transportation offers mode of transport options.

To schedule your medical transportation for dialysis, you can call 732-583-1121 or schedule now. Abba Medical Transportation has an operator available 24 hours per day to help with all your medical transportation for dialysis needs.