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Did you know that roughly 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail? It is a societal norm to make that New Year’s resolution every year. As humans, it is normal to follow the crowd and set aside a resolution each year to only find ourselves back at square one. This is better known as “Quitters Day”, which falls on the second Friday in January (this year fell on January 14), when most people desert their New Year’s resolutions. You don’t need a New Year to start focusing on a specific goal, just a lot of persistence and patience to get you going. Here are a few ways to keep yourself on track and accountable in 2022.

1. Start Small.
No matter the size of the resolution, take baby steps to get there. When the steps are smaller it doesn’t seem as big of a chore to stick to whatever you are trying to achieve.

2. Be Consistent.
Consistency is key always. As long as you show up and stay committed, you will get there. Some days will be better than others and progress may take longer than expected, but sticking to it consistently is the secret.

3. Acknowledge Your Emotions and Feelings.
Instead of beating yourself up for being frustrated, ask yourself why and what in particular about this resolution is frustrating you. By better labeling and identifying the reasons why you feel the way you do, the easier it is to compartmentalize and move forward.

4. Have Fun.
Some days will be better than others, but the end goal is to enjoy your growth and progress along the way. It is the journey that matters more than the destination.

5. Honor the Small Victories.
Even on your worst days, if you are able to get even a small amount of your resolution completed, you’re already ahead of the game.

Taking each step one day at a time and learning to enjoy the process will help keep you committed to your resolutions.