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Business Development/Customer Service Department

ABBA Medical Transportation, LLC’s Business Development/Customer Service Department prides itself on fulfilling the needs of its extensive network of contracted hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and assisted living facilities throughout the State of New Jersey. Some of the value added cost saving programs and services the department provides to our contracted facilities are:
Medicare Part A Stay Reporting – Ensuring the facility is not incurring additional expenses and monitoring how the facility is ordering medical transportation; keeping the facility Medicare compliant and ordering the lowest, most appropriate mode of transportation.

Medicare Medical Necessity In-Servicing of Staff

The department will regularly host In-Services at our contracted facilities to ensure staff are Medicare compliant when ordering medical transportation and educate them on qualifications that would make it necessary to order stretcher transportation versus wheelchair transportation; continually providing that our facilities’ staff are ordering the lowest most appropriate mode of transportation to remain Medicare complaint while lowering facilities’ costs. Facilities teams are also educated on payor sources when transporting patients on Medicare Part A stay in their facilities.

Continuous Facility Visits

They ensure that all staff and facility administrations’ needs and questions are satisfied.
Patient Concerns, Questions, or Complaints – The department is available to meet with patients, family members, facility administration, and staff to investigate or handle any concerns, complaints, or needs. The department prides itself on being a patient advocate and puts its patient’s and facilities’ needs first.

CPR Training for Facility Staff

When facilities need CPR class training, ABBA Medical Transportation, LLC offers Heartsaver Plus CPR and Healthcare Provider CPR. Training class dates can easily be set up by contacting the department.

Transportation Management Solutions Demonstrations, Registration, and Training

The department is available to our facilities and staff members to demonstrate its state-of-the-art Transportation Management Solutions suite of products. The department will educate facility staff on Online Scheduling, Trip List, and Bedboard capabilities while registering them and walking them through each step to save time and give them the best tools necessary to order all their transportation needs and track them their patients in their facility.

Facilities interested in learning more about ABBA Medical Transportation, LLC Ambulance Service, Transportation Management Solutions, or would like to contract with us as your primary provider can contact our department. We look forward to serving your facility’s needs.