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Today, April 22nd is Earth Day! And on this day, we celebrate the importance of climate action and taking on the challenges currently affecting our planet! Here are some healthy ways to celebrate Earth Day this year!

Get A Recyclable Water Bottle

Did you know that the US alone consumes about 50 billion plastic bottles each year? These bottles end up in landfills, oceans, and elsewhere, harming the environment and the other creatures who call Earth home. By purchasing a recyclable water bottle (and remembering to bring it with you) you are eliminating unnecessary waste, reducing your carbon footprint, and taking strides toward protecting our planet!

Plant a Garden

Planting a garden is a fantastic way to not only beautify your home but also to create a healthy foundation. Pick some vegetables you enjoy, purchase some seeds and get planting. Not only is gardening a great way to give back to the Earth, but it is also a great method of exercise!

Go Grocery Shopping

Shop from local, ethical, shops and purchase environmentally sustainable products! You can make a difference by purchasing items that come in reusable containers in order to further reduce the amount of plastic in the world. And don’t forget to bring your reusable grocery bag!

Go Outside!

Spend the day outside! Head to a local park and go for a run! Host a barbecue! Go to the beach and go for a nice long walk or try going for a hike! Either way, take some time today to appreciate the Earth and all that she does for us!

There are so many healthy ways to celebrate Earth Day! And if you’re looking for transportation for any of these activities, contact ABBA Medical Transportation about recreational transport!