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As summer comes to a close, autumn begins. The weather begins to cool. Leaves begin to change color. The days become shorter and the nights become longer. Often, we think that fall means the beginning of a much less active time, with the crisp fall air, it’s easy to resort to more indoor, sedentary activities but there are so many fun fall things that you can do that are simple and fun!

Pumpkin Carving

Making and putting up some fall decor is a great way to celebrate the season. The ultimate fall decoration is a carved pumpkin! Gather a group to go pumpkin picking, first, the host a contest to see who can create the best design! Not sure you want to deal with the clean up of carving? Host a pumpkin painting competition instead! Research shows that painting and creating art is known to reduce stress levels in adults over 65!


Fall is for football! And whether you’re a fan of the game or not, tailgating is the perfect fall activity. It’s an opportunity to not only get outside, but to bond with family, friends, and those in your community. Set up a lunch of finger foods like hotdogs and hamburgers, wings, and nachos! Show some team spirit by sporting your favorite teams gear. Put the game on TV so all your friends can cheer on their team or better yet, head over to the local high school or college to catch a game live!

Host a Potluck

With the changing seasons comes fun fall holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving! Have a scary movie marathon themed potluck! Host a dinner to celebrate and give thanks for Thanksgiving. Either way, having a dinner is a great way to gather your friends and family together to give thanks, bond, and have fun.

Go Apple Picking

Apple picking can be a strenuous activity, but a ton of fun for everyone involved! You’ll be able to exercise, spend time with loved ones, and reap the rewards. Find an orchard in your area and get picking. Most orchards have activities for the whole family, so even if you can’t pick, there’s guaranteed to be something to occupy your time. Then, once you’ve picked the apples, get the family together to make some homemade cider or a pie!

Each of these activities is easily accessible because of recreational transportation! Don’t let the autumn pass you by without participating in any one of these recommended autumn activities! Abba Medical Transportation has your back! If you’re looking for a company that will take you wherever you need to go, contact Abba Medical Transportation.