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Happy Memorial Day weekend! There’s no better way to spend the weekend than taking advantage of the sun, and, surf, and family time! It’s the unofficial start of summer. Whether you’re headed to the beach, the lake, or the backyard, we want you to have a healthy and happy Memorial Day this year!

Healthier Options

A holiday weekend is usually grounds for celebration in the form of overeating. Be aware of this and plan accordingly by adding healthy options to your menu. Fill up on hearty, heart-healthy foods, pile fruits, and veggies onto your plate, and be aware of when you feel full. Don’t leave room for junk food – there are dozens of healthy and delicious recipe ideas for your Memorial Day festivities.

Stay hydrated as well. A glass of water before you eat will make you feel more full in the long run, but there are other benefits to drinking water if you plan to be outside all day.

Celebrate Actively

Don’t make food the main point of your weekend. Plan activities to keep your family active like cornhole, horseshoe, or hiking.
Go for a swim, the lake, or the park. Swimming, fishing, and running or tossing around a football is a great way to burn off all of those empty calories you’re bound to consume over the course of the holiday. Exercise is a great way to de-stress and it’s great for your heart! And your stomach (and your guests) will thank you. Exercise can prevent gas, bloating, and improve your digestion.

Limit Alcohol

It’s typical to celebrate the day with an ice-cold beer, especially if the warm weather calls for it. But beware. Alcohol can add tons of empty calories and affect your decision making if you’ve had too much.

This goes along the lines as staying hydrated, but drink responsibly. One drink or two is fine, but if you don’t replenish any lost fluids with water, you’ll be in line for a terrible hangover the next day. To keep the fun going, for every drink, you should have one glass of water. Especially if you’ve been running around and keeping.

Protect Your Skin

Heat-related illnesses abound now that the weather is heating up and people are spending way more time outside. It’s important to protect yourself by any means necessary in order to prevent extensive damage.

Avoid sunburn and skin damage by using an umbrella, canopy, or tree for shade. Apply the right sunscreen for you and your family with an SPF greater than 50. Vitamin D is great for your health, but there’s no sense in subjecting your skin to unnecessary levels of UV radiation.

Avoid Pests

It’s crucial that you do all that you can to avoid bug bites as they can be serious. Besides infection and other complications that can come from scratching or picking, bugs also carry disease. In 2013, West Nile virus infected more than 5,674 Americans, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Lime Disease which is spread by ticks, is also far more prevalent ever over the last 15 years.

To avoid bugs, try to keep your Memorial Day celebrations out of areas that are heavily populated by bugs. This includes wooded areas or places with still water. If you can’t avoid these areas completely, cover up with long sleeves and pants and don’t forget to pack on the bug spray. Be wary of the chemicals in bug spray, though. Wash your hands after use, your body and clothes at the end of the day, and don’t use bug repellent spray on children under 6 months old.

Memorial Day is a time that we thank the soldiers who sacrificed their families and lives for our country and for freedom. We thank and honor them on this day and spend time with our own families and friends to commemorate the summer sun.

Wishing you a healthy and memorial day.