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Winters in the tri-state area can be tough. Sadly, snow and cold weather come with several health risks. For instance, people are at greater risk of hypothermia and heart problems. Fortunately, winter has passed, and today marks the first day of spring! And with the new season means going outside again in nice weather. Here are several spring activities that people can enjoy courtesy of recreational transportation:


Just like going to the park is one of the recommended fall activities, it’s a perfect activity to do on a nice spring day. What better way to appreciate life than to be outside in nature on a gorgeous sunny day. Keep in mind, senior citizens should always be prepared for chilly winds. And we recommend that you bring a light jacket or a sweater, just in case.

Flea Market

One of the joys of New Jersey is going to a flea market. In fact, you can find everything, from clothes to furniture. It’s a great event to walk around and look at all the interesting items people have for sale. And with flea markets in Farmingdale and Avenel, you’ll find plenty to look at!


Also, here’s a great (and cheap) activity senior citizens and people who struggle with mobility can do. Enjoy a nice picnic. So pack your lunch, and go enjoy a nice day outside.

Fortunately, all of these activities can be done by senior citizens who no longer can drive or people with mobility issues. Recreational transportation allows people that cannot drive the ability to get to where they need to go. And Abba Medical Transportation is a proud provider of it throughout central New Jersey. Abba Medical Transportation has been known for years for its customer service. It’s this commitment to our clients that make Abba Medical Transportation the go-to choice. So contact Abba Medical Transportation today for your recreational transportation needs.