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Save the Date – #Uniteforpatientsafety

It is better to recognize a patient’s safety than to regret later. It’s not just a duty; it’s a priority as we say. 

This international day was initiated by the World Health Organization (WHO). Following patient safety worldwide, all 194 WHO members stated at the 72nd World Health Assembly (in May 2019) brought World Patient Safety Day into being to be recognized on every September 17th. 


Reason behind World Patient Safety Day

The key reason behind this day is to build strong awareness among people and a better understanding of our responsibility to protect patients globally.

Knowing this day (World Patient Safety Day) has been a given a color code “orange” gets displayed as an iconic mark on around 75 major cities around the world. Places and monuments lit up a signature mark on this day (September 17th) to show global solidarity and actionable support to the patients and healthcare workers.


Recent Threat of Covid-19

The year 2020 has added an essential value to the World Patient Safety Day in the light of the Covid-19 threat that has brought the world into a standstill position. It’s an eye-opening call to humankind that we can’t survive without proper medical support and healthcare professionals—no doubts they are doing an incredible job by risking their lives day and night and serving humanity.

But is it just the pandemic that has affected the ratio of patients dying from preventable causes? You’ll be surprised to know that 200,000 patients die each year in America from causes that could have been prevented. 

With uncountable hidden faults, patients still lose their lives with our lack of humanity. Be it healthcare professionals, doctors, front liners, medical system – everyone stands at fault.

The process of a person turning into a patient and then gradually shifting to death – we all kill humankind with our faults. 

Therefore, the World Health Organization declared a day for patient safety globally to spread awareness and create engagement in serving patients with utmost care and responsibility.

There are several NGOs, foundations, and organizations working for focusing on bringing this into people’s notice and set a benchmark on the importance of World Patient Safety Day on September 17th.


This Year’s Motto

This year, the focus is mainly targeted on;

  • Embracing social media and press to build awareness
  • Virtual public speaking events
  • Content collaboration with well-known organizations
  • In-person talk with stable patients to inspect their wellbeing.