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Medical transportation helps anyone who struggles with mobility. With this in mind, it’s extremely helpful for senior citizens. Unfortunately, almost two million senior citizens rarely or never leave their home. Sadly, this leads to missed medical appointments. Currently, the no-show rate for doctors’ appointments is 30%! Therefore, medical transportation plays a vital role in helping senior citizens get treatment. It’s one of the many reasons why medical transportation is crucial for senior citizens.

Health Risks

For starters, there are health factors that affect senior citizens stuck at home. For instance, they have higher rates of heart and lung disease, arthritis, and stroke. Additionally, 80% of these 2 million people suffer from dementia. Finally, there are mental health risks. 25-60% of senior citizens that have limited or no ability to leave their home suffer from dementia.

Being Active

One reason depression is high in this senior citizens is because they’re restricted to their homes. Ideally, senior citizens are an integral part in a community. Sadly, this isn’t always true. Recently, senior citizens in New Jersey were asked if they’d like to be involved in the community more. Between 36-60% said they want to participate more in neighborhood events. Additionally, 3-14% said they’re unable to leave their home, even though they tried. Fortunately, recreational transportation can help solve this.

Reducing the Cost of Medicaid

Today, there are over 134 million people Medicare and Medicaid recipients. Specifically, over 40% of citizens use these services. Recently, a study illustrated that non-emergency medical transportation saves taxpayers money by reducing Medicaid costs. In fact, non-emergency medical transportation reduces costs by more than $40 million per month for every 30,000 people with kidney dialysis, diabetic wound care, and substance abuse disorders.

There are many reasons why medical transportation is crucial for senior citizens. At Abba Medical Transportation, we understand this. Moreover, Abba Medical Transportation’s friendly staff is devoted to giving the best customer service. We give senior citizens throughout the Central New Jersey area the medical transportation option they need to be active in the community or get medical treatment.