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“My parents had been married for over 60 years when my father passed away. He had been my mother’s caretaker, as she suffered through most of her golden years with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Naturally, I was in a panic; I just didn’t know how I was going to get my mother to the funeral parlor for the wake and then to services the next day. I explained to the funeral director that my mother was almost bed-ridden and was unable to travel by limousine, but the funeral director assured me that he would take care of her transportation. The afternoon of the wake an ABBA Medical Transportation van was at our door to escort my mother to the funeral home.  Each step of the way, from the wake, to the church, to the graveside services, and finally to the repast, ABBA Medical Transportation was there for our family. The driver was courteous, respectful of our grief and supportive of Mother’s feelings through the entire experience. He was attentive to her every need and was a good listener as she reminisced about the love of her life, my dad.

Thank you, ABBA, for going above and beyond!”