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Happy first day of summer! Time to take advantage of the mental, emotional, and physical benefits of fresh air and sunlight. By taking part in one of these fun summer activities, you’ll be able to enjoy the season at it’s fullest! Here are three fun summer activities you can enjoy this summer:

Relax on the Beach

One of the best parts about living in New Jersey is the Jersey Shore! With summer comes all of the sand, surf, and fun of the beach. Take advantage of the beautiful weather and soak up the sun this summer on one of our nationally ranked beaches! Not only does vitamin D improve your mood, but it’s necessary for bone and muscle function. Seniors who don’t get enough sun are at serious risk of fracture and can experience impaired wound healing, hair loss, muscle pain, fatigue, and frequent sickness. Make sure you pack on the sunscreen and make note of easily accessible places of shade like umbrellas or trees. Don’t forget to bring a hat as well. It’s important to dress appropriately. Be mindful of your medications as well. Many have adverse effects to do with sun exposure.

Catch a Sporting Event

Attending a sporting event was one of the fall activities and also is included in the summer activities! Reconnect with your loved ones by attending a grandchild’s soccer game or invite the family to a professional baseball game. Sporting events are surefire ways to have a great time this summer – they’re action-packed and tons of fun. If you can’t get active or have lost mobility, attending a sporting event can be a way to renew your love for one of your favorite past times!

Host a Barbecue

Barbecues are perfect for the summer and can become a great way to bond with your family and friends. You can host a barbecue for a holiday like July 4th or Labor Day and create themed treats to match. Or you can have one just to take advantage of the warm weather. Fire up the grill, put together all of the sides, and get ready to chow down! If you aren’t quite a grill master, ask a friend to man the burners while you play host!


It’s important to remember that older bodies have a more difficult time adjusting to temperature changes. They also don’t perceive thirst as well as younger ones, so stay conscious of your water intake and check in with your body periodically. Fatigue is one of the first signs of a heat-related illness like sunburn or heatstroke. If you’re outdoors with a loved one who is a senior, watch them carefully for signs and use that as an indication that it might be time to leave.

Each of these activities is easily accessible because of recreational transportation! Don’t let the summer pass you by without participating in any one of these recommended summer activities! Abba Medical Transportation has your back! If you’re looking for a company that will take you where ever you need to go, contact Abba Medical Transportation.