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Having another life growing inside your body for nine months is an overwhelming joy that has no words to describe. A woman goes through a lot during pregnancy to keep that her child safe & healthy. But sometimes, we, as a society, make things a little complicated for them; ever heard pregnancy-related superstitions? Common right? But don’t you need to know the real Dos and Don’ts for the safety of you and your child? That’s what we’ll talk about today!

This article will help all mom-to-be’s out there with real tips on how to stay healthy during pregnancy!


Take a Balanced Diet

You can’t help pregnancy mood swings and uncertain food cravings that come anytime. But that’s when you have to be most careful what you take inside your body. 

Your diet should be a combination of a balanced portion of nutrients, minerals, iron, calcium, and folic acid to boost your energy and keep your baby healthy. Add fruits and vegetables to get the added value of essential substances.


Don’t Stress Out

Avoid stressing out throughout your pregnancy period because it can affect you and your baby’s internal hormones. Do whatever it takes to keep your mind relaxed and away from worries.


Get Adequate Amount of Sleep

A pregnant woman’s body experiences massive transformation during pregnancy because of the changing hormones. It significantly affects your sleep schedule because of the discomfort and medical condition. Therefore, plan for at least 7-9 hours of sleep regularly to avoid mild headaches, fatigue, tiredness, and lousy. In fact, take short naps in the daytime and rest whenever you get time.


Do Exercises At Home

Every woman who has gone through or going through this delicate time of her life must have heard not to get up too much. But since or old traditional norms are evacuating, let us tell you that exercise should be a routine during pregnancy as it helps you stay fit, active, and healthy—you and so as your child. Ask your concerned doctor to recommend some of the suitable pregnancy exercises for you.


Say NO to Alcohol & Smoking

I bet you tell me one good reason to drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes, knowing it goes to your blood and reaches your baby through the umbilical cord. As much as it affects an adult, it does to the child. It can affect the baby’s growth, brain, and health. 

A woman who keeps smoking and drinking during pregnancy witnesses a risk of delivering premature birth, infant death syndrome, miscarriage, etc.