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February is known as National Senior Independence Month in which we highlight the importance of maintaining independence as we age. This is the perfect time for independent seniors to celebrate their lifestyles. It is also the perfect time for other seniors to evaluate their living situations and make adjustments to foster independence and self-sufficiency. In order to maintain independence, it’s important to follow these tips.

1. Stay Active

Fitness is crucial; especially as we age. Over time, we lose muscle strength and become more prone to falls, which makes us more susceptible to serious injury and disease. Combat these changes by regularly engaging in low-impact activities like walking, tai chi, water aerobics, or weight lifting. Additionally, kick start your health by eating a balanced diet and practicing healthy habits like quitting smoking and consuming alcohol in moderation.

2. Organize

Clutter and disarray around your home can create unsafe and unsanitary conditions. And in the event of an emergency, a mess can make it difficult for emergency personnel to respond accordingly. That is why it’s important for older adults to clean and organize their homes. If you find that you have difficulty maintaining a suitable space, hire a professional cleaning crew or organizer to visit each week and keep you on track!

3. Take Advantage of Technology

It’s no secret that the ever-changing technological landscape is daunting. Still, it’s crucial that you take the opportunity to learn how to utilize the latest technology in order to maintain your independence. Staying connected with friends and family is easy with smartphones and social networking. Check-in. Make plans. With the world at your fingertips, it’ll surely be easier to do all fo the things you need to stay self-reliant.

4. Build a Network

A solid network can provide you with friendship, advice, and favors. If you’re a senior living on your own, it’s especially important since it’s easy to feel lonely as family and friends begin to move away. Find a group of people who share your passions by joining a club or meet up group. Get involved in your community by signing on as a mentor or volunteer! Not only will these interactions expand your network, but they’ll keep your mind sharp.

Ask For Help

Most importantly, ask for help when you need it. There are plenty of programs that allow you to enjoy your independence while simultaneously providing long-term care and assistance. And if you’re in need of medical or recreational transport, contact ABBA Medical!