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In an effort to capitalize on the medical transportation business, Uber introduced Uber Health. Lyft created their own service too. However, medical transportation isn’t as simple as pinning your location and waiting for your driver to arrive. Fortunately, there are other alternatives. Here’s how to schedule medical transportation:

Mode of Transport

First, people need to provide as much information as possible to medical transportation services. Mode of transport is a crucial piece of information that should be shared. Patients inform their medical transport whether they will require a wheelchair or a stretcher. Why does this matter? Accessing the doctor is vital to good health. In fact, people with disabilities live a more fulfilling life if they have good health. Medical transportation helps people who require a wheelchair or a stretcher achieve this through increased access to healthcare. Unfortunately, Uber and Lyft only offer wheelchair-accessible rides in Austin, Chicago, London, and Toronto.


Steps pose a logistics issue for medical transportation. Therefore, medical transportation companies ask for patients to inform them about the number of steps involved. Will there be steps at the pick-up location? What about the drop-off location?

Schedule in Advance

Additionally, medical transportation companies allow you to schedule your ride in advance. Companies like Uber and Lyft have this feature for their customers. However, it’s vital for medical transportation companies. The biggest benefit to scheduling your ride in advance is cutting down on missed appointments.

Missed Appointments

Missed appointments cost the healthcare industry billions of dollars each year. Specifically, $150 billion dollars is lost each year because of them. Furthermore, the no-show rate for doctors’ appointments is 30%! While it costs the healthcare industry money, it may cost patients more. Missed appointments can prevent patients from receiving the necessary care they need, or from early disease detection.


Medicare-compliant medical transportation companies are important. Therefore, one aspect of how to schedule medical transportation is understanding what your service offers. Will your medical transportation be covered by Medicare?

Abba Medical Transportation

Abba Medical Transportation provides medical transportation services throughout Central New Jersey. More importantly, they check off many of the points addressed in how to schedule medical transportation. For example, Abba Medical Transportation patients are asked several important questions when scheduling a ride. These questions provide Abba Medical Transportation with a patient’s name, address, age, weight, and contact information. Also, Abba Medical Transportation asks which mode of transport a patient requires, how many steps are at both the pick-up and drop-off location, and any further special instructions that may be required. Abba Medical Transportation is HIPPA compliant, so your information stays protected. Plus, Abba Medical Transportation is Medicare compliant!

To schedule your medical transportation with Abba Medical Transportation, visit our Schedule section here, where you can schedule your service months in advance!