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Getting to the airport is always hectic. For starters, you’re constantly worried about missing your flight. On top of that, you’re hoping you didn’t forget anything important. Now, imagine if you’re in a wheelchair. It may make you think traveling is too overwhelming. However, airport medical transportation can help. Here’s how to schedule airport medical transportation:

Airport Medical Transportation

First, airport medical transportation allows you to be driven to and from the airport. More importantly, it allows people who aren’t mobile to get their safely. If you require a wheelchair or a stretcher, airport medical transportation will allow you to get to and from your destination. MAVS, or mobility assistance vehicles, make it easy to pick you up and drop you off.

At the Airport

Also, medical transportation technicians continue their services at the airport. They ensure that you’re checked in, and that your luggage is headed to your destination too! If you’re interested in how to schedule your airport medical transportation, click here.


Additionally, you should contact TSA before your trip. For example, you can contact passenger support to describe your medical condition. This can help TSA understand your medical needs. With this in mind, if you have a medical condition, you’re not required to remove your shoes. Also, you’ll be subjected to several types of tests. TSA may test your medical devices to ensure passenger safety.

Having said this, Abba Medical Transportation provides airport medical transportation throughout Central New Jersey. Our team at Abba Medical Transportation works hard to ensure you’re safety getting to and from the airport. Our MAVTs go through extensive training to assist passengers in case of an emergency. For instance, all Abba Medical Transportation MAVTs have their CPR certification.

If you’re looking into how to schedule airport medical transportation, look no further than Abba Medical Transportation. Call us today at 732-583-1121.