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The coronavirus pandemic has taken over the world. Many countries have been shut down and people have been forced into lockdown as the only way to prevent it from further spreading is through social distancing. However, people still seem to be getting it and the numbers are still increasing. 

In such testing times, we all want to protect our loved ones and keep them safe from this horrible virus. However, doing so is proving to be difficult for many. This is because all of us are having some sort of interaction with others because of one reason or another. This is why we have compiled a list of ways you can keep your loved ones protected during these horrible times. 

  1. Make it easier to stay at home

If you want to make it easier for your loved ones to stay protected from this virus, then you need to make their stay at home comfortable. This can be done by providing them lots of activities to do, keeping groceries stocked and making the house a solace for them. Instead of fighting and arguing, try to keep calm and make them feel comfortable. All of this will prevent them from going outside the house. 

  1. Provide company

In a situation like this, people we love are just as worried and anxious as we are. This situation is trying for all of us, we suggest that if you are quarantined together, then you give each other physical company. If not, then smartphones have made it possible for us to be connected without being there physically. We suggest you keep them company and entertained. 

  1. Reassure them 

As previously mentioned, these times are hard and everyone seems to be having anxious feelings. We suggest that you reassure them and keep them safe. You should remind them to wash their hands, clean themselves, maintain hygiene, and not touch their face and mouth unnecessarily.