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In the United States, nearly 1 in 5 adults live with a mental illness. That’s over 44 million people affected. Unfortunately, there’s still a stigma in society about mental illness. Often, seeking treatment for mental illness is viewed as a sign of weakness. Therefore, the healthcare community is looking for new ways to get people the necessary medical attention they need. One method is through psychiatric transportation. In fact, there are several ways how psychiatric transportation has improved mental health.

Reducing the Stigma

Immediately, the biggest way how psychiatric transportation has improved mental health is by reducing the stigma. No longer does psychiatric transportation require the flashing lights and sirens of emergency vehicles. Now, some places provide an unmarked car with paramedics wearing street clothes to avoid creating a scene.

Reducing Costs

Additionally, psychiatric transportation helps by reducing costs. Before, local fire departments and police officers were required to transfer psychiatric patients. Even though these patients posed little or no safety risk, local emergency services were used. Now, psychiatric transportation handle this.

Improving Safety

If someone needs behavioral or psychiatric health care, or is developmentally challenged, affordable transportation can be hard to find. Fortunately, psychiatric transportation can help. Not only will someone be able to go to receive the healthcare they need, trained professionals will help get them there and back safely. Here are some examples of psychiatric transportation:

  • Hospital to Psychiatric Facility Transfer
  • Psychiatric Services
  • Education

While society continues to improve how it treats people with mental illness, psychiatric transportation helps people get the care they need. Fortunately, Abba Medical Transportation provides medical transportation for all needs, including psychiatric. Abba Medical Transportation is a licensed transportation vending provider that accepts most major insurance carriers. Additionally, we are Medicare approved. Therefore, we are the go-to medical transportation for the Central New Jersey area. Call Abba Medical Transportation today at 732-583-1121 or schedule your transport online here.