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The Affordable Care Act was a major change in health care when it passed in 2010. Yet it isn’t the only change that health care has seen. Recently, there have been a lot of great changes that are helping patients get more of the care they need. Here’s how medical transportation fits in with health care changes.

Health Care Has A New Meaning

Truthfully, our 20th-century view of healthcare is outdated. People used to associate healthcare with something being wrong. You went to the doctor to have them fix something. Fortunately, that’s not the case anymore. More and more people use preventative health care to help them avoid something needed to be fixed.

And they’re not alone. Health insurers are paying for a variety of other services not typically associated with healthcare. For instance, these can range from food and nutrition to housing services.

Medical Transportation

And here’s an important way how medical transportation fits in with health care changes. Recently, the American Medical Association backed UnitedHealth’s changes to ICD-10 codes. These codes are used to describe diseases and medical diagnosis. In particular, medical transportation is affected by this.

A new code would propose that dialysis patients in need of transportation would be covered. This is an example of both ways we think of health care. Obviously, dialysis is used to treat kidney failure. However, patients that receive dialysis three times per week are more likely to have a worse (and more expensive) outcome if they miss an appointment. Therefore, it’s in everyone’s best interest for health insurers to cover medical transportation for dialysis patients.

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Medical transportation helps patients with both emergency and non-emergency medical issues, and it’s just one way that health care has changed.