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Just like Thanksgiving, the holiday season is a special time to celebrate with loved ones. It’s an opportunity to continue or create family traditions, and make lifelong memories. Having said this, it’s important that you or your loved ones travel safely during the holiday season. Here are some holiday travel tips for senior citizens:

Visit Your Doctor

Most importantly, you should visit your doctor before you go anywhere. If you’re visiting your family or friends for the weekend or longer, you should create a plan with your doctor. For instance, since you’re changing your routine, it may cause confusion if you suffer from Alzheimer’s. Therefore, your doctor may prescribe specific medication for traveling. Additionally, make sure you have enough medication for the trip. In fact, it’s a smart idea to pack some extra, just in case.

Check the Forecast

Also, you should check the forecast before you go. For example, if it’s supposed to snow, you need to bring warm clothes and a heavy jacket. Unfortunately, bad weather may force you to change your daily activities, so you can avoid hazardous walking conditions. If you’re driving, you should plan ahead based on the weather. You should do your best to avoid driving in bad weather. So, if you need to leave earlier than expected, you should. Plus, you can spend more time with your loved ones!


Similar to checking the forecast for activities and travel, packing for the conditions is essential. You should always bring a warm sweater and pants as a back-up. In addition, one of the holiday travel tips for senior citizens that can help prevent unneeded strain is a rolling suitcase. A rolling suitcase allows you to easily transport your luggage. You’ll reduce the strain on your heart and back from carrying a suitcase.

Finally, you should avoid driving at night. A lot of senior citizens have poor night vision, which makes it unsafe to drive at night. Therefore, you should drive during the day. If you cannot drive, there’s recreational transportation. Abba Medical Transportation offers recreational transportation throughout Central New Jersey. Also, if you schedule your ride with Abba Medical Transportation today, you still can receive our Fall and Winter Special! Contact Abba Medical Transportation now.