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Any habit that becomes an addiction is dangerous because it distracts you from reality. No reason can be good enough for taking things that later become an abuse. Many people take drugs to relieve stress, anxiety or depression as they believe it eases the pain. In recent research, it was shown that approx. 74% of people are affected by legal/illegal use of drugs. Continuous consumption can severely affect your health and well-being.


Addiction vs Abuse

To feel comfort and relief, people sometimes take an overdose or a quantity which they shouldn’t. It is called drug abuse. Some people also use false prescriptions to buy legal or illegal substances of a particular drug or pill.

Drug addiction can be simply known as a habit that can’t be abandoned. Not because you can’t afford it, but because the urge of getting that drug in your body doesn’t let you quit! No matter how hard you try.


Types of Drugs

Nicotine, Cocaine, Heroin are commonly known types of drugs. But there’s more to it:

  • Steroids
  • Alcohol
  • Hallucinogens
  • Amphetamines
  • Ecstasy
  • New Psychoactive Substances – Bath salts, Flakka, Plant food, Monkey Dust


Effects of Drugs on Your Brain

Once your brain gets habitual of a good feeling, it demands over & over again. That happens because of the pleasure-provoking chemical present in the drugs called “dopamine.” Even more, the brain feels the need to have an increase in dosage when it gets comfortable with an extra amount of dopamine. As a result, the brain refuses to send other main commands to your body. Which affects:

  • Memory
  • Judgment
  • Behavior
  • Decision making
  • Ability to learn new things
  • Stress

Take Message Home

Any substance that makes your body addicted to it is dangerous. Anyone you know who is addicted to drugs, counsel them to quit or take important steps to stop them from the further intake.