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Smartphones have become a primary part of our life. It is most likely the first thing we check in the morning. Growing gradually with modern technologies, smartphone production is increasing swiftly because the users are uncountable. Billions of people use a phone as a prime source of communication worldwide. And to notice the fact, cellphone produces radiofrequency radiation and using it too much can bring several health problems.


How Does The Radio Frequency Affect Human Health?

When an electronic device like a mobile or headphone get held closely near body part (ear and head) it generates RF radiation that produces heat in the body same as a microwave heating food. High RF radiation can damage biological tissues and increase body heat.


Texting While Driving or Walking 

Besides the strict law in many countries against cellphone usage while driving or walking, people still can’t wait. One of the common reason why many road accidents take place is that we get distracted from what’s currently happening around us.


Makes You Sick

You carry your phone 24 hours a day (not specific) and take it everywhere you go, either school, college, university, office or simply at home (sometimes to the bathroom too). People who are addicted to cellphones never realize how much dirt it carries along. Different kinds of bacteria and germs from your hands and clothes get stuck to the cellphone screen and when you get it in contact with your skin, it transfers to your body.


Harmful Blue Light

Cellphones produce blue light which can damage retinal cells and cause vision problems including age-related macular degeneration. While the other major problems can be eye cancer and blurriness on the white area of the eye. Turn night mode on at night and reduce the exposure to blue light.


Neck Muscles Injury

When you are texting or scrolling the internet, you don’t notice that your neck is bending too much. It affects the neck muscles and spasms due to which, it increases the force on your cervical spine up to 27 pounds. 


Can Cellphone Cause Cancer?

A few random studies show that smartphones can be proven as a higher risk of ear cancer and brain diseases. Well, this isn’t yet proved scientifically but if you are conscious about such consequences, limit your usage. Use headphones or speakerphone while talking on call. 


Take Message Home

It is impossible to ban cellphone usage entirely because of the fast-forwarding digital era where technologies are occupying maximum space in a human’s life. You may not be able to completely prevent it but you can set the limitation just like you do with your monthly budget. 

Spend time with family and friends when they are around instead of texting them online when they are not there. Turn dark mode on at night and avoid bending your neck much while using cellphone. 

Remember: Your health is much more important than that small electronic device which is a source, not a necessity.