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With the growing threat of Covid-19, the world is taking serious hits from the pandemic in every major country. Who knows how it will end and when we’ll finally start living the year 2020. Speaking of the virus… some crazy myths are taking over the internet these days, to which, people are believing. Today we gathered some myths trending on the internet and substitute them with facts.


1. COVID Only Affects Senior Old-Ages

People of all ages are equally exposed to this virus as the old aged. Therefore, this myth makes no sense. However, people above 80 and those who are already suffering from a medical condition like asthma, diabetes, and heart problems are more exposed to this virus.


2. Hot Weather Kills Covid-19

Almost every other social page says that hot weather around 25 degrees or above kills COVID-19 and stops it from affecting people of all ages. In reality, COVID-19 has nothing to do with weather or season. Countries with the hottest temperature have stated confirmed cases of the virus. Instead of depending on such news, think logically.


3. COVID Is Incurable or Unpreventable

Coronavirus is curable and preventable if you follow the safety measures stated by the World Health Organization (WHO). Doctors and frontline workers have shown an outstanding effort in recovering cases. The vaccine to cure the virus is also in making but it can still take up to 15-18 months before the launch. 


4. Our Country Is Corona-Free but Media Is Lying

All the major countries that have stated cases in exposure to the virus are true. People out there are actually suffering and dying from COVID-19. Media may slightly jeopardize about the ratio of cases reported but the fact that Coronavirus do exist stays the same. The WHO strongly advises people not to believe in blind rumors on the internet and stay safe at home.