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As the seasons change, different injuries and illnesses become more prevalent! In the summertime, with the heat and questionable air quality, respiratory illnesses and heat-related injuries drive people to seek medical attention. There are also several common Autumn injuries that people of all ages should strive to prevent or avoid!

Back Strains and Sprains

Raking leaves and doing basic yard work or gardening seems like an easy task, right? It’s simple enough, repetitive, and a great way to secure some physical activity. Of course, it’s also an easy way to strain or sprain your back due to the twisting, bending, lifting, and reaching that comes along with the raking action. Each year, hundreds of people wind up in the emergency room due to sprains and strains caused by yard work. It’s important to garden safely, use the right tools, and take breaks from uncomfortable positioning as you see fit.

Running Injuries

Most of the time runners are injured by overuse, and with the weather settling to a cool, but brisk temperature, more people will be out and about. Protect yourself from an injury by taking rest days and warming up and cooling down properly. Similarly, with Autumn comes leaves and with leaves comes a lack of visibility. On an unfamiliar sidewalk, you might find yourself stripping and possibly twisting an ankle due to dips, dents, and divots in the concrete. While running, make sure to avoid spots with large amounts of wet leaves as those can cause a slip and fall. These types of injuries tend to increase between October and December.

Car Accidents

With the changing weather, there are lower levels of visibility. Fog can make it difficult to see in these months, but so can the added danger of daylight savings which may leave you driving directly into the bright sun. Leaves pose a particular threat to drivers when they’re wet.. In some cases, this beautiful fall foliage can be just as dangerous as ice. Drive over them at about the same pace you would with snow to be certain they don’t pose a threat. Additionally, deer and other animals are particularly active in these months, so it’s important to aware of critters that might scurry into the road.

How to Prevent Common Autumn Injuries

  • Wear shoes with good traction.
  • Use floor mats when entering buildings.
  • Stay vigilant – don’t lower your head in the event of rain or wind. This can cause you to bump into other people or objects, which could cause injury.
  • Warm-up first before you run and stretch afterward!
  • Find a rake that fits – you shouldn’t have to bend down to rake.
  • Dress for the weather!
  • Be aware of your surroundings.
  • Get a good part of sunglasses.
  • Listen to your body!

When in doubt, make sure that you get checked! If you find yourself struggling from a tumble or fall or seeking pain relief after a hard day doing yard work, contact Abba Medical Transportation to get you safely to and from your doctor’s appointment or Emergency Room visit.