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So, you’ve always wanted to help people, but you don’t know which job to do. You don’t want to commit all that time to med school. You don’t think nursing’s right for you, either. And, you hate being stuck in a classroom. How about getting a job in medical transportation? Here are 7 reasons why being in medical transportation is the best job:

1.  Save Money

To begin with, you save people money. Yes, NEMT saves our country over $40 million per month in Medicaid costs!

2. Sense of Purpose

Also, you give seniors a sense of purpose. 36-60% of seniors want to be more active in their town. With recreational transportation, they’re able to go to events and do certain things like shopping on their own.

3. Peace of Mind

Do you know that every MAV has a GPS installed in it? So, you can give family members a peace of mind about where their loved one is while they’re being driven.

4. Improved Health

In addition, you contribute to the improved health of seniors and others with medical issues. In fact, the rate of missed doctor’s appointments is 30%. With this job, you can be proud knowing you’re getting people the health care they need.

5. Get Trained

To work in this field, you need to get a CPR, EMT, or MAVT certification. This training allows you to be ready for any situation, and you can save someone’s life because of it.

6. Helping Others

One of the most important reasons why being in medical transportation is the best job is helping others. Let’s face it, you’re there for people when they need you. If you have to rush someone to the hospital, you’re there. If they need to get to a dialysis appointment, you take them.

7. Work for Abba Medical Transportation

Finally, you get to work for Abba Medical Transportation. We focus on putting our clients first. This means being friendly and caring. Besides, at Abba Medical Transportation you’ll get to work all throughout Central New Jersey. If you want to work for Abba Medical Transportation, click here.