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Scholars believe that the wheelchair was invented between the 6th and 4th centuries BCE. No matter when they were invented, wheelchairs are an important part of the medical community. Without them, people who cannot or have difficulty when they walk wouldn’t be able to get around. With this in mind, they can be challenging when going to an appointment. Fortuantely, there is wheelchair medical transportation.

How It’s Done

Wheelchair medical transportation use vehicles that are equipped to safely bring patients to their appointments. This requires a hydraulic lift to load and unload a wheelchair. MAVs, or mobility assist vehicles, are designed with this purpose. In fact, medical transportation companies may ask whether or not a patient requires a wheelchair or a stretcher as a mode of transport for patients.

New Jersey Department of Health

In order to meet the New Jersey Department of Health licensing standards, a medical transportation service must meet certain qualifications. For example, a mobility assistance vehicle company must possess a provider and vehicle license issued by New Jersey. Additionally, in order to get these licenses, the company must have a New Jersey business location and a dispatch service. Also, the medical transportation company must keep the New Jersey Department of Health informed of how many MAVs are in the company fleet.

Vehicle Requirements

Companies that offer wheelchair medical transportation must meet vehicle requirements. For instance, any vehicle used for medical transportation cannot be older than 9 years. In addition, MAVs must be built to fit no less than 5 passengers, but not carry more than 10. Finally, another important rule is that every MAV must be a four-door vehicle.

Abba Medical Transportation

Fortunately, Abba Medical Transportation’s MAVs fulfill all these requirements. Not only are all our vehicles built with a hydraulic lift, but all meet or exceed the New Jersey Department of Health licensing standards. With this in mind, Abba Medical Transportation goes beyond this to provide our customers the best possible experience for wheelchair medical transportation. Our drivers receive clinical certifications for CPR and MAV technicians. Even further, our drivers receive more training in other areas.

Abba Medical Transportation has been providing medical transportation throughout Central New Jersey. Call 732-583-1121 24 hours per day, or schedule your wheelchair medical transportation here.