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At this point, you’re familiar with what medical transportation is, and the services it includes. Having said that, are you familiar with the benefits of medical transportation? It not only benefits its customers, but taxpayers too. In fact, that’s just one of the benefits of medical transportation.

Reducing the Cost of Medicaid

Recently, a study illustrated that non-emergency medical transportation is a mutually beneficial relationship. It helps provide access to healthcare for many people who wouldn’t get it otherwise. Also, it saves taxpayers money by reducing Medicaid costs. Ultimately, non-emergency medical transportation equates to more than $40 million per month in savings for every 30,000 people with three conditions. The three conditions are:

  • Kidney Dialysis
  • Diabetic Wound Care
  • Substance Abuse Disorders

Increased Health Outcomes

Additionally, there are increased health outcomes. Since non-emergency medical transportation reduces the need for more intensive healthcare services, Medicaid costs are reduced, and overall health is increased. Without it, patients would miss more appointments. For example, patients who need diabetic wound care attended 1.3 treatments per month without non-emergency medical transportation. However, with this service, treatments per month rose to 5.5.


Also, the convenience is another one of the benefits of medical transportation. For starters, medical transportation companies pick you up and drop you off right at your door. They even help patients that have trouble getting around by offering wheelchair or stretcher service options.

Peace of Mind

Medical transportation also provides peace of mind. MAVs are operated by EMTs or people with both their CPR and MAV Technician certifications. Fortunately, this means workers are equipped to handle emergency medical situations. Additionally, medical transportation companies have GPS trackers. This allows loved ones to track the trip to ensure medical appointments aren’t missed.

Abba Medical Transportation is proud to play its part in improving patients’ healthcare. Abba Medical Transportation’s services have been getting people in the Central New Jersey area the medical attention they’ve needed for years. If you need to schedule a medical transport with Abba Medical Transportation, you can call 732-583-1121 at any time of the day, or schedule online here. Our great customer service is just another one of the benefits of medical transportation.