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In 2018, the total number of people in the U.S. on Medicare and Medicaid is over 134 million people. In other words, over 40% of citizens use these services. Of that group, over 40% are using either Medicare or Medicaid because of their age. Unfortunately, older drivers are more at-risk for car accidents. Therefore, medical transportation for Medicare and Medicaid is crucial.

Ambulance Services

There’s a policy in place for medical transportation for Medicare and Medicaid. For starters, Medicare Part B covers ambulance services to or from a hospital, critical access hospital, or skilled nursing facility. However, it’s important to note that Medicare only covers and helps pay for ambulance services when other transportation can endanger your health. Medicaid will pay for medical transportation in emergency medical transportation situations, such as a heart attack.

Nearest Facility

Also, Medicare medical transportation coverage applies only for service to the closest appropriate facility. Therefore, if you have a hospital of choice, but another place that’s capable of treating you is closer, Medicare won’t cover the medical transportation bill to the place you choose. However, if there isn’t a facility in your coverage area, Medicare will cover your medical transportation.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Medical transportation for Medicare and Medicaid both have several circumstances that provide coverage. For instance, Medicare offers it if you require medical transportation for health reasons. Also, this requires a doctor’s note. Some reasons required for non-emergency medical transportation are if you have dialysis, or are going to/coming from a dialysis treatment. Similarly, Medicaid covers patients’ non-emergency medical transportation for several reasons.

Abba Medical Transportation

Abba Medical Transportation is Medicare compliant. In order to be Medicare compliant, a billing agency has to address several essential elements:

  • Implementation of Medicare Practices
  • Standards of Conduct
  • Have a High-Level Compliance Officer
  • Develop Training and Education Programs
  • Create Protected Hotlines and Safeguard Complaints
  • Enforce Standards with Publicized Punitive Actions
  • Regular Internal Audits and Swift Responses to Rule Breaking

Abba Medical Transportation provides the Central New Jersey area with medical transportation for Medicare and Medicaid patients. Our highly-skilled and trained team will ensure that your medical needs are met. For more information about your medical transportation for Medicare and Medicaid, please call Abba Medical Transportation at 732-583-1121. We are available 24 hours per day.